OOPS! Obama's FBI Director James Comey SLIPS UP! ADMITS He Gave Classified Intel to NUMEROUS PEOPLE for the Liberal Media!

Posted by moku 2018 years ago in News
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Bret Baier asked Comey if he had written permission from the FBI to hand over contents of his memos to other people.

“No, and I didn’t consider it a part of an FBI file…it was my personal memoir,” Comey said of his classified memos.

Comey continued to say that he thought of his memos as a diary.

Bret Baier then asked Comey who else he gave (leaked) the memos to.

“I gave the memos to my legal team after I gave them to Dan Richman after I asked him to get it out to the media–I gave 4 memos to my legal team, which included Patrick Fitzgerald” Comey said.

Comey answered in the affirmative when Bret Baier asked him if Fitzgerald was a part of his legal team at the time he gave him the memos.

Comey then named the other man he gave the memos to–David Kelly.

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