WTF? Liberal Networks & Jay Z Claim Rapper Meek Mill was Convicted Due to Racism, THE JUDGE WAS BLACK!!!

Posted by moku 2018 years ago in News
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Jay-Z ain’t passed the bar, but he knows a little bit — enough that he believes fellow rapper Meek Mill is behind bars unjustly.

Mill was sentenced this month to two to four years in prison for a probation violation dating to a 2008 gun case, and Jay-Z argues the rapper’s jailing illustrates the inherent racism of the criminal justice system.

“For about a decade, (Mill’s) been stalked by a system that considers the slightest infraction a justification for locking him back inside,” the 21-time Grammy winner wrote Friday in an op-ed piece for The New York Times.

“What’s happening to Meek Mill is just one example of how our criminal justice system entraps and harasses hundreds of thousands of black people every day.”

Lawyers for Mill, 30, filed a Wednesday appeal to get his probation terminated, allowing the platinum-selling hip-hop star to get out of prison.

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