OUCH! 'It Was Uncomfortable,' 'Cringeworthy,' 'Harsh' All 3 CNN Reporters at Correspondents Dinner RIP Comedian Host

Posted by moku 11 months ago in News
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As part of CNN’s coverage of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, three reporters who attended the event gave their immediate reactions. White House reporter Kaitlan Collins began by saying there were “a lot of laughs” at the beginning of comedian Michelle Wolf’s monologue, but as it carried on, the room “got quieter and quieter.” Kate Bennett, another CNN White House reporter, said she “could not take her eyes off of” Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who was the subject of several brutal jokes and said members of the WH Press Office who attended were “stony faced” and “it felt very uncomfortable.”

Both Bennett and CNN Justice reporter Laura Jarrett thought that Sarah Sanders was going to get up and leave because she “shifted in her seat” a couple of times. “It was uncomfortable, it was cringeworthy I think at best,” Jarrett elaborated. “There was certainly a lot of grimaces and groans. I don’t know how much you can hear back in the studio. Sometimes there was silence. Just walking out of here, people were almost in disbelief. I heard several people saying harsh. That was brutal. It was scathing.” Collins said that she saw “several” Trump administration officials walk out of the WHCD during Wolf’s monologue and called the jokes at the expense of Sarah Sanders “very personal.” Jarrett added that they may “rethink” about attending next year’s event, which she called “unfortunate.”

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