FLASHBACK: Malcolm X Warned That Black Democrats Are "Traitors" and "Chumps" Will Say Anything, Project Their Own Feelings on to Everybody Else

Posted by moku 2018 years ago in News
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Now I’m not saying that Malcom X had big love for republicans. He didn’t. But he loathed the democrats, and he reserved a special disgust for blacks who voted for democrats. And I’ll remind y’all. MLK and Malcom x were NOT assassinated by so called racist right wingers and republicans. MLK and Malcom x were assassination by left wingers and democrats. Again the majority of the black community literally allows democrats to get away with murder, and rather than waking up and owning up to this, they try to save face and say that the parties switched, which is a pathetic display of denial. -Zo

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