Terrifying moment lion savagely attacks an elderly man

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in Animals
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An elderly man was mauled by a huge male lion at a wildlife park in a shocking incident caught on film.

The clip, believed to have been filmed on Saturday at the Marakele Predator Park in South Africa, shows the man entering the lion's enclosure.

Almost instantly the big cat spots the elderly man, believed to be the owner of the park, and gives chase.

Witnesses watch in horror as the animal pursues the man towards the metal door to the pen at the park nine kilometers from Thabazimbi.

Onlookers scream as he is dragged back by the beast. The hulking animal claws at the elderly man - who goes limp in its grip.

The lion drags the man farther into the enclosure, into some bushes and onlookers scream for help.

Then, suddenly, a shot rings out - thought to be from a warden's gun.

The lion drops its prey and runs for cover. It is unclear if the man is dead.

A woman is heard howling in horror at what she has just witnessed while another man is heard shouting 'get a rifle'.

The elderly man remains in a critical condition.

The big cat has reportedly been put down in the wake of the grisly attack.

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