Woman attacked by man with screwdriver in NYC barber shop

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in CCTV
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A man was caught on camera attacking his 38-year-old wife with a screwdriver as she was sitting in a New York barber's shop.

The couple, who share custody of a five-year-old daughter, ended up brawling in the store before taking the fight outside onto the street.

The attack was a brutal one as the man walked up to his unsuspecting wife with a screwdriver hidden in his hand.

The entire assault was caught on camera which saw the pair struggling from one end of the shop to the other.

Jose Castillo, 66, could be seen bludgeoning the woman with the tool as she fought desperately to escape.

One of the shop's owners, Angel Sierra, tried to intervene by attempting to drag Castillo away but he was simply too strong for him.

The man simply pushed him out of the way and began to attack his wife for a second time.

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