Terrifying moment four people including two children fall under Russian T71 tank during festival

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in Accidents
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This is the terrifying moment two children and two adults fell under a Russian tank - and miraculously survive.

The screams and moans of victims are caught on video as visitors to a military festival in St Petersburg, Russia, fall off the T71 war machine.

One of the victims films the crash as it happens while enjoying a pleasure ride on top of the heavy military vehicle.

Shocked onlookers shouted to the soldiers to stop the tank before running towards the scene of the accident to help.

The T71 went up and down a small sand embankment at the Combat Steel festival in a city park.

As it came down four of the seven riders are thrown off the front.

One man, Pyotr Nazarov, had his leg crushed but the others were unscathed.

Nazarov - in his 30s - was filming and he recorded the horrific moment he fell head over heels off the tank.

The screen suddenly goes black as he is caught under the T71.

His leg was caught under the caterpillar tracks, and the other man was thrown clear.

Two children fell right under the tank - but between the tracks.

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