LOL! TRUTH! Anti-Trump Senator, Lindsey Graham, "Says Liberals Would Kill Themselves of Trump Won a Nobel Peace Prize "for Unifying the Korean Peninsula

Posted by moku 12 months ago in Funny
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Senator Lindsey Graham has suggested there would be “mass casualties” if President Donald Trump was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize because “liberals would kill themselves.”

Speaking in an interview with Fox News on Sunday, the Republican suggested the president should be awarded the honor for his work in bringing North Korea to the table in peace talks.

“I want to be there,” Graham told Fox News of a potential award for Trump. “It may be the first time the Nobel Peace Prize was given and there was mass casualties because I think a lot of liberals would kill themselves if they did that.”

“No other president has been that blunt [with North Korea] and that’s why we are where we are because China and North Korea believe that if Trump acted he would use military force and North Korea would lose,” he added, explaining Trump had done something “historic.”

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