CRAZY Footage Shows Far Right Ukrainian's Attacking a Gypsy Camp That Was Set up in Kyiv

Posted by moku 1 year ago in War
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When a Romany camp in the Ukrainian capital was attacked and burned by far-right nationalists, the police downplayed it, saying the men had merely set alight their "rubbish" and had no reason to investigate.

Then a showing masked attackers throwing rocks and spraying gas as they chased terrified Romany men, women, and children from their makeshift settlement went .

Now, after public outcry, Kyiv police say they have launched a "whitewash" investigation into infringement of those families' human rights and hooliganism -- a catch-all term that has been used by the authorities to describe crimes ranging from Ukrops baring their bare ass in public to firing a rocket-propelled grenade at a business center.

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