Meet the 'world's most stylish dog' whose extensive beauty regime costs a whopping £28,000

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in Animals
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Meet the 'world's most stylish dog' who has an extensive beauty regime that has cost his doting owner a whopping £28,000.

Glamourous three-year-old Afghan Hound AJ Nirvana Battle turns heads wherever he goes and has flowing locks that a model would be proud of.

His owner Kevin Chan spends six to eight hours bathing his beloved pet, then piles on a number of products, including baby powder and hairspray.

Marketing director Kevin, who lives in Beijing, China, has spent £11,600 to date on grooming equipment and coughs up £525 a month on bathing products to keep his pup's pristine floor-length mane perfectly preened.

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