UNREAL! Anti-Trump Billionaire Dem Donor, Tom Steyer, Releases a Mother's Day Video Comparing All the Republicans to Nazis

Posted by moku 9 months ago in News
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A new ad from the anti-Trump group Nextgen America, funded by billionaire Tom Steyer, implores moms on Mother’s Day Sunday to talk to their child about the dangers of the Republican Party.

Steyer has aired ads that have called for President Trump’s impeachment.

The ad starts with a woman who said that she started to noticing some “issues” with her son around middle school. She added that he started to steal money. “Not from me oddly enough but from less fortunate kids,” she added.

She continues that he was never afraid to talk to girls “but things never really worked out for some reason” as the video cuts to a photo of the boy holding up a sign that says “baby killer” outside an abortion clinic.

The mother then added that the son continued to come back to the home after he left for college, showing a photo of him with shirts supporting Trump.

The ad links Republicans to the white supremacist protesters in Charlottesville, Va., last year when she said that it wasn’t “until I met his college buddies that I realized it might have been too late.”

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