Hawaii volcano spurts out '45kg LAVA BOMBS' after massive 1,000ft fissure opens

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in Nature
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A massive 1,000ft fissure has opened up on Hawaii's Kilauea volcano hurling 45kg 'lava bombs' 100ft into the air and prompting yet more evacuations.

Helicopter footage shows the huge fissure bubbling bursts of rock and magma with an ear-piercing screech after opening up on the side of the 4,000ft-high volcano.

Some 37 buildings have been destroyed and nearly 2,000 people ordered to evacuate since the volcano first erupted on May 3.

A number of fissures have appeared over the past 10 days but this is among the biggest and stretches to around the quarter of the length of the hillside.

Mark Clawson, 64, who lives uphill from the latest fissure and so far is defying an evacuation order, said: "It is a near-constant roar akin to a full-throttle 747 interspersed with deafening, earth-shattering explosions that hurtle 100-pound (45-kg) lava bombs 100 feet (30 meters) into the air."

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