Explorers find creepy secret room in remote abandoned campsite - and what they discover is truly disturbing

Posted by The King Slayer 1 year ago in WTF
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A group of explorers discovered a creepy, secret room filled with disturbing items in a remote, abandoned campsite.

Footage of their bizarre find was posted to YouTube channel Explore With Us, and initially showed them walking around the rural camp.

The derelict site in an unknown location shows vehicles left to rot and buildings crumbling to the ground.

As the explorers continue their walk through the eerie site, they enter a tiny one-room building, before making their disturbing discovery.

A metal shelving unit covering the back wall is pulled away, revealing a huge hole ripped in the wall behind - leading to the hidden room.

The man filming the bizarre scene instructs another member of the team to investigate the contents of two tubs placed on shelving inside the room.

They then discover the tubs are filled with bullets before going on to film images of 'weird' cartoons and hardcore pornography stuck to the walls.

The team then find ropes and bottles of alcohol littering the floor.

While it's not known where the site is located, many viewers online said it seemed a great distance from any other signs of civilisation.

Lance Shank said: "That place is crazy. Whoever lived out there must've been one hell of a person and probably not very welcoming to live out there with a watch out tower and surveillance cameras."

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