Muslim Man has eyes gouged out with SPOON by family for wanting to marry his choice of bride

Posted by The King Slayer 10 months ago in News
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What should have been one of the happiest days of a love-struck man's life turned to tragedy when his father and brothers gouged his eyes out for wanting to marry a woman of his choice.

Abdul Baqi, from Nasirabad village in Pakistan's Balochistan province, on Saturday expressed his desire to his family that he wants to marry a girl he was in relationship with.

The 22-year-old asked the family to take an engagement proposal to the girl's house.

But the news did not go down well with his father and brothers.

His 70-year-old father Dost Muhammmad and four brothers - Abdul Ghani, Abdul Sattar, Abdul Rehman and Abdul Karim - held him in a room and gouged out his eyes of their sockets.

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