Palestinian Terrorist Group, Fatah, Kills President Trump in a New Video Posted on Facebook

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in War
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In response to the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem yesterday, and in condemnation of the American recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, Abbas' Fatah Movement posted an animated video on Facebook showing US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu drowning in the ocean. Posted text and a sign in the video declare that "Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine":

The video shows Netanyahu and Trump floating on a raft at sea with Israeli and American flags and a sign saying "US Embassy" in Hebrew, Arabic, and English. Trump is holding a piece of paper on which is written "Jerusalem capital of Israel," while a recording of his statement "and Jerusalem is Israel's capital" is heard. Immediately after his declaration the raft breaks in two, and Trump drowns together with the Israeli flag; Netanyahu jumps into the water and disappears. The embassy sign flips, and the reverse side of it reads: "Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine." A ship flying the UN flag and the flags of a number of countries including Ireland, Turkey, Lebanon, and other Arab states then pulls up to stop by the raft. On the ship an elderly woman wearing a Palestinian flag and a younger woman dressed in black are waving.

Another post also mocked Trump, showing an image of him made of bologna, salami, and a banana - as if to say Trump is "full of baloney" and that he is "bananas." [Official Fatah Facebook page, May 14, 2018] A burning image of Trump was also posted by Fatah:

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