EXPOSED! French Filmmaker Videos Hamas Using Women and Children As Human Shields on the Frontline against Israel

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So, what is the real story on the Palestinian-Israel border? Were 52 people killed in the protest? Were the “unarmed” Palestinians simply standing by the border, while Israeli security force snipers took them out, one by one? What’s the truth about what is happening on the border? French-Israeli filmmaker Pierre Rehov who was embedded behind the Israeli fence with the Palestinians has released a documentary of what is really happening on the Palestinian side, and his video footage will shock you.

Pierre Rehov is a French filmmaker whose powerful Middle East documentaries have earned him spots on multiple TV news outlets including, FOX, CNN, and MSNBC, as an expert on the subject of Hamas and Hezbollah, and how they use women and children as human shields in their war against Israel.

While media outlets around the world reported about multiple Palestinian injuries and deaths, at the hands of the “evil” Israeli forces, Rehov, who was actually embedded with the Palestinians on the other side of the Israeli border, has a very different story, and fortunately, he’s sharing with the world.

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