WTF! Obama's CIA Director Thinks It Was a Good Thing the FBI Was Spying on Democrats Political Opponents

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in News
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Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told CNN's Don Lemon Thursday night that the president's claim that the Obama administration spied on his campaign is "hyperbole" but if it is true, it is a "good thing."

"They [the Obama admin's FBI] may have had someone who was talking to them in the campaign, but, you know, the focus here... is not on the campaign, per se, but what the Russians were doing," Clapper said.

But if there was an intelligence agent "observing" the Trump campaign's interactions with Russia, "that's a good thing because the Russians posed a threat to the very basis of our political system."

"I think it's hugely dangerous if someone like that is exposed," Clapper said of the yet-unnamed spy inside the Trump campaign.

At the same time Thursday night, former U.S. attorney Joe diGenova was telling FNC's Tucker Carlson a different side of the story: "We have learned that the crimes were committed by the FBI, senior members of the Department of Justice, John Brennan, Mr. [James] Clapper, Mr. [James] Comey and others associated with the Democratic Party... And Donald Trump and his associates committed no crimes."

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