UNREAL! Former Trump Campaign Aide Admits That Obama's Feds Attempted to Give Him Hillary Clinton's Emails

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in News
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Neil Cavuto: So you’re convinced there was more than one individual?

Michael Caputo: Absolutely, mostly because I was approached as well. But this time, what’s remarkable here to my approach is it happened in the first week of May in 2016. Very far off the timeline very far off the timeline that the Mueller investigation and others are trying to hold to when the investigation into the Trump campaign actually began.

Neil Cavuto: So when you say May of 2016 you have the discovery of somebody penetrating the campaign or what?

Michael Caputo: Actually I was approached by an intermediary who had been talking to a government official, a former government official who told him that they had Hillary Clinton related emails at that government organization.

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