£850m Sea Ceptor missile defence system enters into service

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in News
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The Royal Navy's new £850 million missile defence system which can intercept and destroy enemy missiles travelling at supersonic speeds has been brought into service.

Sea Ceptor will be deployed aboard the Navy's new Type 23 frigates and can deal with multiple targets, protecting an area of around 500 square miles over land or sea.

It uses next-generation Common Anti-air Modular Missile technology, created MBDA, a world leader in missile systems, and is designed to counter deal with sophisticated missile attacks. It also incorporates innovations in radar and datalink technology.

Sea Ceptor will be protecting war ships such as the monstrous, HMS Queen Elizabeth, known as Big Lizzie, a 3.1billion 280-metre long aircraft carrier - which is the most powerful warship ever built by the UK.

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