Woman can't stop laughing at mating tortoises making HONKING sound in this hilarious footage

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in Funny
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These two giant tortoises might have been trying to have some 'alone time' but the ridiculous sounds they were making attracted a LOT of attention.

In fact the mating animals found themselves surrounded by a mass of amused onlookers when they were caught in the throes of passion - with one who captured their intimate moment on her mobile phone unable to stop laughing.

Savannah Boan - a crocodilian enrichment coordinator who spends her days caring for alligators and cros at Gatorland in Florida - captured their private moment on May 8 for Gatorland Vlogs.

Even though it was something Savannah had seen before, it still made her and everyone around her burst into laughing.

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