Hero dad 'disarms man with loaded gun hidden between McDonald's Big Mac and fries'

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in
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A hero dad-of-four used small talk 'to disarm' a man pacing around a petrol station with a "loaded gun" hidden between a Big Mac and fries.

Michael Wright, 33, claims the man was hassling counter staff inside the shop - with his hand suspiciously inside a brown McDonald's carrier bag.

The brave stay-at-home father peered inside the bag and said he saw the man's finger on the trigger of a loaded 9mm hand gun - nestled between a burger and chips.

Fearing the man could whip out the gun at any minute, he quickly came up with a plan after talking with the cashier at the Circle K petrol station.

Dad-of-four Michael, from Grovetown, Georgia, USA, started filming and calmly ushered the man outside while Circle K staff secretly phoned the police.

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