Iranian Man Injured By Gunshot Being Rescued By Fellow Protesters In Khorramshahr

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in News
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There are currently anti regime protests going on Khorramshahr as well as some other cities. The people in Khorramshahr are tired of the regime, they do not even have access to drinking water, this is due to the regime's incompetence in managing the country, as well as its anti-Iran policies.

Dissatisfaction with the regime has reached an all time high as living conditions are becoming unbearable for most people. Due to the regime's failed policies, most of which work against the interest of Iran and Iranians, the economy is collapsing and the currency value is in a free fall.

The regime's policies are having a terrible effect on Iran's economy. Since the reelection of Rouhani last year, Iran's Rial has lost more than half of its value against other currencies, this uncertain currency market makes it almost impossible for business to survive as they need a reliable currency exchange rate. The regime's economy is collapsing due to its unwise and misguided policies.

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