Burger King Went Full Feminazi.... Made this Atrociously Bad Ad

Posted by moku 11 months ago in FAIL!
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What in God’s name is going on with Burger King? First Burger King goes to bat against the net neutrality repeal, and now the "pink tax"? Are they trying to lose customers? Back in January, the fast-food chain produced a laughably bad video opposing the rollback of net neutrality rules, and now they’re getting political again with a video supporting … Rep. Jackie Speier’s Pink Tax Repeal Act? “Women get hit with a double whammy: They make less for doing the same work and they pay more for the same product or service because it’s for women,” Rep. Speier said in a press release on “Equal Pay Day” back in April. “Whether it’s a pink teddy bear, deodorant from the same manufacturer, or a white laundered shirt, it’s time to say enough! Discrimination is illegal.” Why Burger King decided to make an ad for its chicken fries based on Speier’s bill we’ll never know, but here it is: -- Burger King @BurgerKing: “we all pay the price when women are charged more. that’s why we dropped the price of chicken fries to $1.69 for everyone.”

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