Shocking moment Incredible Hulk killer plummets from second-storey window after stabbing girlfriend to death

Posted by The King Slayer 8 months ago in CCTV
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This is the shocking moment a killer dubbed the 'Incredible Hulk' jumped out a second-story window and plunged onto a car below after stabbing his girlfriend to death.

Michael Marler, 37, stabbed 24-year-old Danielle Richardson fifteen times after going on a "two week drug bender".

Footage show him landing on the roof of a car belonging to a woman dropping off her husband and son for work.

The clip shows the moment a heavily blood stained Marler tumbled onto the car and then tried to hijack it.

Marler later ripped his shirt off whilst walking between traffic and could be seen punching stationary vehicles.

As commuters and motorists looked on in horror Marler used his bare hands to smash the rear windscreen of his own VW Golf car which was parked nearby before kicking the doors of a taxi and then punching and biting a pedestrian.

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