Woman injected husband with lethal dose of heroin and 'served former lover's remains to neighbours at barbecue'

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Jason Cochran, 37, and his new wife Kelly, 34, made a vow on their wedding night. But unlike the usual vows of ‘until death do us part’ or ‘for richer, for poorer’, this was a perverse pact that started their married life with a macabre tone and, ultimately, defined both their fates.

Jason and Kelly promised each other that if either one of them was unfaithful during their marriage, they would kill the lover. Did they believe they’d go through with their horrific promise at the time? Only Jason and Kelly know that for sure – and one of them ended up dead.

In 2014, over a decade into their married life, the couple were living in Iron River, Michigan. Jason was struggling with health issues and their marriage was in crisis. Kelly was sleeping with a local contractor called Chris Regan, 53, who she’d met through work.

The divorced dad-of-two would invite Kelly over to his apartment for sex – and rumour of their affair was spreading around the small community. Chris had just got a new job in North Carolina and was ready to move away, but Jason found out his wife was being unfaithful and ‘the wedding pact’ kicked in.

Jason reminded his wife that they’d agreed to kill off anyone involved in their extra marital affairs and, in Jason’s eyes, that was the only way they could fix their marriage. Bizarrely, Kelly agreed.

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