American fisherman describes his shock encounter when he was 'abducted and examined by aliens' in the 1970s

Posted by The King Slayer 6 months ago in WTF
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An American fisherman explained how he was examined and probed by aliens who could speak to him through telepathy in a shock encounter.

Calvin Parker said he and a friend, Charlie, were abducted by aliens in Pascagoula, Mississippi in 1973, while they were fishing after clocking off from work.

He told This Morning's Lisa Snowdon and Nigel Havers how he saw a hazy, blue light and when he and Charlie got closer to it, he was shocked to discover what was inside.

Calvin said: "It was just really bright lights coming out and that's when three aliens or beings of some kind come out of the craft, two of them got hold of Charlie and myself.

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