'I'll Help You Pack!' FURIOUS Veteran UNLEASHES On a Liberal Politician Who Continues to Kneel during the National Anthem

Posted by moku 9 months ago in News
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This. Is. Awesome. Watch the whole thing. -- FOX & friends @foxandfriends: ““If you don’t like this flag, I’ll help you pack your bags!”: Outraged veteran slams Connecticut official for kneeling during the Pledge of Allegiance.” -- Give ’em Hell, man. The applause says it all. Americans are sick and tired of apologists who take our country for granted. If you can’t bother to stand for the Pledge then GTFO, but of course, the vet said it way better than we can. -- Sara A. Carter @SaraCarterDC: “Thank you for standing up for Veterans - like my husband. Our troops have given and are willing to give everything (including their lives) so that we can continue to be a free nation. Less than 1 percent of the population voluntarily joins the U.S. military. Remarkable people…” -- Preach!

USMC 1stSgt (Ret) @usmcdta: “All these people supporting this embarrassment of an "Official". Does every vet oppose kneeling? Nope. I assure you the VAST MAJORITY oppose it. Why? Many of us have buried friends with their casket draped with that flag. It is disrespectful.” -- They just don’t get it. -- Kentuckiana GhostBus @kgbghosts: “Yep, dont love my flag? Dont let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya on the way out of this country.” -- Fish4U @DeaDriscoll: “God bless this man.” -- Amen.

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