Liberal Media Doesn't What You to See This LEGAL Immigrant Defending President Trump's Immigration Policies In an Article That Went Viral

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in News
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A legal immigrant is going viral for defending President Donald Trump’s immigration policies in a recent op-ed.

Guyanese-born Neil Gouveia came to the United States when he was seven-years-old, and six years later he became an American citizen.

Gouveia joined Steve Doocy on “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday to share his story and to explain why he believes Trump is right on immigration.

The article goes on to state the following:

“America’s a land of opportunities, and this is a place where we could create our own destiny, so it was definitely worth it,” Gouveia said of his family’s years-long journey toward citizenship.

Gouveia revealed that his mother had to make an incredibly difficult “Sophie’s Choice” as she tried to legally bring her family to America.

After a three-year wait, Gouveia’s mother arrived at the U.S. embassy in Georgetown to pick up visas for her family of nine, but she was informed by an immigration officer that the visas could not be issued because one of her children had cerebral palsy, and that would be a huge expense for the U.S. government.

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