Nasa Launches Historic Solar Probe On Mission To 'touch The Sun'

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in News
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NASA has launched the £1.7bn ($1.5bn) probe on an historic seven-year mission into the sun's outer-atmopshere.

The Parker Solar Probe was blasted from Cape Canaveral in Florida into the sky at 3.31am local time (8.31am UK time) today.

It left earth in a cloud of fire on-time and engineers say 'everything looks good.'

The probe looks like a tiny dot in the sky as it completes the first stage. It will keep coasting the sky for 45 minutes before it begins to separate and continues its journey to the sun.

It was due to be launched yesterday at the same time but a technical issue delayed it.

Dr Eugene Parker, the astrophysicist the probe was named after, said: "I have to turn from biting my nails to thinking about all the interesting things which I don't know yet, which will be made clear over the next five, six or seven years.

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