Transgender teen films school staff break into cubicle to kick her out girls' toilet

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in WTF
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A video showing a school's staff breaking into a toilet cubicle in an attempt to remove a transgender girl has sparked outrage.

In the clip Cece, a pupil at Osseo Senior High School in Minnesota, protests while members of staff use a wooden pole to open the cubicle door.

It is pulled open to reveal a number of adults urging the pupil to get out of the women's bathroom.

Sitting on the toilet with her trousers down, Cece reacts with fury.

She said: "There’s no concern to safety just because I’m using the bathroom.

“I’m so scared and violated right now. They just walked into the bathroom while I was using the bathroom for no reason.”

A spokesman for the school claimed the video is “significantly misrepresenting the incident” in a statement given to CBS Minnesota.

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