Man Gets KTFO in Toronto Restaurant

Posted by The King Slayer 7 months ago in CCTV
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Toronto police have released security video of a man being knocked unconscious by a sucker punch inside a fast foot restaurant in the Lansdowne Avenue and Queen Street West area.

Police say it happened on Nov. 12 at around 1:20 a.m.

The video shows two men appearing to exchange words near the front door. At one point, a woman steps between them and for a moment it appears that cooler heads will prevail.

One of the men starts backing out of the door, but his retreat is short-lived.

He walks back inside the restaurant and more words are exchanged as the two men stand face to face. The standoff ends when the man wearing a grey hoodie suddenly throws a right-hand sucker punch that send the other man toppling to the ground unconscious.

Police say the suspect then kicked and stomped the man’s motionless body.

The suspect then pushes one of the restaurant employees, allegedly requesting that the security video is erased.

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