Hostage-Taker Killed By Police

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in Police videos
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Google translate: "A robber was killed after stealing the jewelry store Barra Joias and making an elderly hostage this morning (5) in the center of Valença, which is 160 km from Rio de Janeiro. According to the Civil Police, he assaulted the establishment and fled towards the Municipal Market.

According to the Military Police (PM), the accused made a point of firing on the police officers and at the woman and 'in a defense act, the policemen have fired at him.'

Also according to the PM, the elderly, 83, received medical attention and testified at the 91st Police Station (Valença).

Witnesses reported that the man announced the robbery and while he put the jewels in his backpack, the lady of the establishment left and called the police. He noticed and fled the place being chased by a store security guard. A car passed and a new chase began. At that hour the robber made the lady hostage.

Residents who witnessed the action, recorded videos and sent them to WhatsApp on Rio Sul TV. In the images it is possible to see the armed robber holding the victim while a policeman pointed the gun toward him. People shouted for him to release the old woman. In a moment, she stumbles on the cobblestones and falls to the ground, and the policeman shoots at the bandit, who dies instantly. The woman was not injured.

Until the publication of this report, the body remained in place and the identity of the man had not been disclosed."

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