Christmas party headlock which left woman with Facial Paralysis

Posted by moku 6 months ago in CCTV
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Molly Phillips, 24, may never have the capacity to grin again after her associate Nathan Webb held her neck at the Appearance Club's Christmas party in Cardiff.

Stunning CCTV film demonstrates the minute a bar director was put in a wrestler's hold by an associate at a Christmas party, abandoning her with facial loss of motion. Molly Phillips, 24, went to doctor's facility for a presumed stroke however later acknowledged she been choked by the bar's gourmet expert at their yearly slam. Miss Phillips said she go out after gourmet expert Nathan Webb grasped her neck at the Appearance Club's happy gathering, which was held at the bar in Roath, Cardiff on New Year's Day.

Film from CCTV appeared at a work council hearing caught the minute Mr Webb put his arm around her neck and choked her, reports Grains On the web.

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