Rapper "Lil Pump" Gets Into Screaming Match With TSA Over "Smelly Drug Bag"

Posted by moku 3 months ago in FAIL!
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Lil Pump's arrest back in December 2018 has now resurfaced, as the police body cam of the arrest has been leaked...

Twitter has gone crazy following a of Lil Pump getting arrested has surfaced. Earlier today, TMZ, released footage that emerged from Lil Pump's arrest from back in December, when he was kicked off his flight to LA for smelling like weed.

The "Butterfly Doors" rapper, was accused of carrying drugs in a bag that "smelled like marijuana". However, the Florida rapper was adamant and claimed the bag that the police officer smelled, was not his.

The rapper also denied having a bag of marijuana on his person.

TMZ has released a police body cam video, where Lil Pump increasingly becomes frustrated while telling the cop that the bag does not belong to him. The inconvenience and embarrassment became too much for the star to handle and his anger became apparent.

During the police body cam video, another police officer gets in Lil Pump's face, screaming, “Calm down!”. Pump’s manager also tries to diffuse the situation explaining Pump's innocence, but cops believed the bag definitely belonged to Pump.

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