Traffic Police Officer Miraculously Dodged The Truck Flying At Him

Posted by The King Slayer 6 months ago in Accidents
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The truck put to the side when he tried to brake sharply

In Yekaterinburg, an accident occurred with the participation of trucks and traffic police cars, which stood on the sidelines. Furu skidded and she crashed into a car. At the same time, the truck miraculously did not hook the traffic police officer, who was standing right in front of the official car. At the last moment the man managed to jump into a snowdrift.

The incident was recorded on the DVR camera and published in social networks. The traffic police in Yekaterinburg clarified that this accident was still January 22, but she got on the Web just now.

“The truck drifted while driving, the driver did not provide permanent control over the movement of his vehicle and made a collision with a patrol car, no one was hurt, one inspector dodged, the second one also remained intact,” the traffic police in Yekaterinburg said. - At the wheel of a truck was a 29-year-old driver, his driving experience - 8 years.

As you can see from the video, the truck tried to brake sharply so as not to collide with a passenger car that had left the corner in front of him. She managed not to catch, but the body led.

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