Perfume warehouse explodes and lands onto a crowded street

Posted by The King Slayer 6 months ago in Accidents
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The first explosion that led to Wednesday's devastating fire in Chawkbazar area apparently broke out at a perfume warehouse housed on the first floor of Haji Wahed Mansion, suggested footages of at least two separate CCTVs installed nearby.

Hundreds of perfume containers started raining down on the people stuck on the roads simultaneously with the raging fire. Repeated explosions occurred for minutes later, the footages shows.

The CCTV footages negated the claim of the local chemical traders and landlords that the fire originated due to explosions of cylinder either of a private car or a pick-up van. It also refuted the claims of the Industries minister and Dhaka South City Corporation mayor.

In the first footage near Churihatta Jame Mosque shows that a black private car was stuck at the intersection adjacent to the mosque while another white car was coming slowly from the opposite direction when the first explosion took place at 10:32pm.

Within moments, a huge number of perfume cans started flying and pouring on the roads with people seen running to escape the raging blaze.

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