Mentally Unstable Woman Falsely Claims A Tesla Is Hers

Posted by The King Slayer 4 months ago in WTF
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Some random aggressive woman tried to claim that my friend's car is hers. Just crazy. That's all I can say.

To provide some context, I was in the passenger seat of my friend's new Model 3 checking out the 15" display.

Then off the left corner of my eyes, I saw this lady removed the charging plug. I thought she was the power meter person so told my friend.

She opened the door and this lady said: "This is my car". When my friend said no it's not, she raised her voice and repeated: "This is my car". She did this at least 4 times before I realized something is not right and so I started recording.

She claimed the car was blue but in fact, it was gray. Perhaps the umbrella makes it appears that color. Anyway, it was a short but pretty intense encounter.

By the way, she stole that umbrella from our lobby area and that's why she threw it. It was not hers in the first place.

Campus security later apprehended her as she went to another building's lobby. - 2018-04-27

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