Robber returns all money back to woman after seeing her bank balance is zero

Posted by The King Slayer 3 months ago in CCTV
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A robber returned the money he stole from a woman in China back to her after seeing the balance on her bank account was zero.

The bizarre video, filmed in Heyuan City in southern China’s Guangdong Province on February 16, shows a man with a knife suddenly walking to a woman who is withdrawing cash in front of an ATM machine.

The woman then can be seen giving all the money to the man immediately, but the man also asks to check the woman’s balance in her bank account on the ATM.

After the man sees that there is no money left in the woman’s account, he smiles and gives all the money he just robbed back to her before leaving.

According to reports, the robber named Deng needed money urgently but he did not have a permanent job.

Deng has been detained by police.

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