Sheep Farmer Records The Last Moments Of His Life

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Farmer Mikail Dural (30) was shot to death by a rifle by Bekir Kadıoğlu (48), the owner of the land he had rented for sheep five days ago. Dural's mobile phone Kadıoğlu'nun images of the moment of firing her output. The incident occurred on Monday, March 4 at 13:00 in the village of Cakırbağ Esentepe neighborhood occurred. Farmer Bekir Kadioglu , allegedly land opposite the house to graze the land to graze Mikail Dural '' I not want to graze sheep against my house. I will not allow it, '' he said.

Dural said you rented the land. On top of that the discussion between the duo came out. During the growing debate in the short time Bekir Kadıoğlu, Mikail Dural shot from his house with 3 shot guns. Dural, shot in the neck and neck, was seriously injured. Dural intervened by the health officials on the scene of notice, despite all efforts could not be saved.

Following the murder, the gendarmerie detained Bekir Kadıoğlu at his home, 50 meters from the scene and released his wife and children from the house. The relatives of Mikail Dural who lost his life while Kadıoğlu's house was laid by the rain.

After the murder, gendarmerie and police took wide security measures in the village. While security measures were still in place in the village where TOMA was also present, the gendarmerie detained 6 people who prepared a molotov cocktail to burn the house. Bekir Kadıoğlu, a suspect sent to the courthouse under wide security measures, was arrested on Tuesday.

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