Hilarious moment dog walker lands in bushes after yanking the handle off his front door

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in Funny
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This is the amusing moment a dog walker got stuck in a garden bush - after yanking the handle off his front door during strong winds.

Sam Green, 65, was filmed by his doorbell losing a tug-of-war with the wind as he tried to close the front door to his house.

The handle came away in his hand, he lost his balance, stumbled backwards out of control, fell over his dog, and landed bum-first in his garden bush.

To make matters worse he couldn't get up - and the video shows an amused passerby haul him to his feet.

And it was caught by his Nest doorbell app - which alerted the rest of the family to the 'motion' by sending them the clip, on Thursday.

Dad-of-two, Sam, from St Annes, Lancs, said: “Our front door faces the coast so I had to give it a good yank to close it.

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