Body Cam Released of Assault on Centerville Police Officer, Suspect Charged with Attempted Murder

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An officer suffered several injuries but is expected to be OK after police say he was beaten while attempting to make an arrest.

Kaleb Darrell Morrow, 38, of Centerville, was charged with attempted murder, assault on a police officer, interference with official acts, assault while participating in a felony, and first-degree harassment.

Court filings say around 10 a.m. Sunday, Centerville Police Officer Gary Buckallew was called to 9th Street and Grant Street in Centerville to arrest Morrow.

Morrow had a warrant for probation violation.

He encountered Morrow in the Centerville High School parking lot and attempted to place him under arrest. While the encounter seemed to be calm at the start, things got heated quickly. A few minutes into the encounter, Morrow began punching Buckallew in the face, slapped him and knocked him to the ground.

Body camera video from Buckallew, obtained under Iowa public records law, shows what appeared to be a relatively calm encounter initially.

Morrow and Buckallew spoke, and Morrow was placed into the back of Buckallew’s squad car without handcuffs. A seemingly friendly conversation ensued until about three-and-a-half minutes into the video, when Buckallew informed Morrow he would have to be handcuffed.

“I, Kaleb Morrow, am the general manager of the Appanoose County Community Railroad, and you are interfering with official public acts,” Morrow could be heard saying on the footage. “I am a private railroad agent.”

Shortly after, Morrow, still visibly upset, recounted his military service and doubted Buckallew’s.

“You are no military member,” Morrow could be heard saying. “Do you respect freedom? You know I had no chance to be a man. I went straight from child to man.”

Buckallew, a US Air Force veteran, appeared to attempt to calm the situation.

“Listen to me, they’re going to call more people here,” Buckallew said. “I don’t want you to get hurt or in trouble. … I don’t want to do that … because you’re ex-military, I’m trying to be cool.”

Shortly after, a struggle began in the car, and left the car.

“I will kill you,” Morrow said, as he took Buckallew to the ground in a struggle. “I’m a soldier.”

Another officer, Sgt. Jeremy Cole, was nearby and able to assist quickly. The video shows him pulling Morrow off of Buckallew and arresting him.

According to court filings, Buckallew suffered injuries to his right elbow and left knee, as well as a scrape on his neck. He received medical attention and was released. Centerville Police Chief Tom Demry said none of the injuries are permanent.

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