The Neighbors Music Too Loud? Run Them Over!

Posted by moku 4 months ago in Absurd Asia
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A hotel owner plunged a car into the crowds in a downstairs shop as a loud stereo playing there was affecting his business.

The terrifying moment, shot in Shantou City in southern China's Guangdong Province on March 17, shows a black car suddenly plunge into crowds choosing home textiles in a shop.

After the car stops, the driver climbs out of the vehicle through the window and tries to ignite the fuel tank on the car but fails.

Then he punches a woman who stops him lighting the clothes and runs into the stop.

Police went on site after receiving the report and arrested the driver.

According to reports, the driver named Yu is the owner of a hotel above the shop.

Since the stereo used to promote the home textiles in the shop was too loud it affected his hotel's business upstairs, prompting the angry hotel owner plunged a car into the shop deliberately.

Several customers had minor injuries. Police detained Yu and the case was in further investigation.

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