Bear Attacks Men

Posted by The King Slayer 5 months ago in Animals
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An Indian forester was seriously injured in a fight with a bear, which he tried to protect from meeting with villagers, reports PenNews. Eyewitnesses filmed the confrontation of man and beast.

The incident occurred on the afternoon of March 21 in the vicinity of Karnil. Local residents reported to the Department of Forest Protection of the State of Andhra Pradesh about the new bear appeared on the shores of the reservoir Velugoda. The foresters managed to catch the clubfoot on the net, but when they tried to pull him ashore, the predator broke free and attacked the participating Vijay Kumar.

The frame shows how the beast rushes after its savior, drives it into the water and starts to tear it. Eyewitnesses came to the aid of the forester, who were throwing stones at the bear. On one of the men and the animal switched, throwing his victim in the water.

As a result of the incident, only Kumar was injured, he was taken to the hospital. The fate of the bear is not reported.

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