Man stabbed after being jumped from behind by masked offender

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in Crime
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This is the dramatic moment a man is attacked from behind by masked thieves who tried to steal his car before being chased away by have-a-go hero neighbours.

Ryan Walsh, 24, was walking towards his front door in Coventry when the two thugs pulled up outside on a moped and one ran towards him with a knife.

He was forced to hand over the keys to his black hatchback but then repeatedly tried to stop the masked attacker getting inside by kicking him and fighting him off with a water bottle.

Mr Walsh was stabbed in the arm, shoulder and waist as he bravely battled the knifeman to stop him getting away, eventually dragging him from the vehicle and into the road where they brawled on the ground.

The driver of a blue Subaru then stopped and came to his aid, alongside two other neighbours, which caused the thugs to flee on the moped as the Good Samaritans gave chase.

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