Road Rage Driver Returns To Hit A Emergencies Ministry Cadet

Posted by The King Slayer 4 months ago in Crime
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It took nine days for the Voronezh policeman to detain the 45-year-old Mercedes-Benz GLE driver, who in a fit of anger shot down an Emergencies Ministry cadet standing on the sidelines , reports TFR.

The accident happened on April 1 at the entrance to the Voronezh branch of the Ivanovo Fire and Rescue Academy of the Emergencies Ministry, located on Red Banner Street. Judging by the record that appeared earlier, the owner of the black crossover planned to teach a cadet running across the road, but confused him with 21-year-old David - he was also in shape.

In the injured young man, doctors diagnosed concussion, head injuries, thoracic and left elbow joints, as well as a hematoma of the left tibia. Vyacheslav Dmitrenko, who owns an expensive car, fled.

Investigators interpreted the incident as an attempted murder, but detained the attacker only after the appearance of a video of the accident.

“Voronezh was confidently identified by an eyewitness as a person who had hit a victim. During interrogation, the suspect exercised the right not to testify against himself,” the CCR said.

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