Brazilians violently riot after 12 cent bus fare hike

Posted by moku 5 years ago in News
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Several people were injured when clashes erupted in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday, as hundreds of people protesting against increases in public transportation fares battled with police. Police used pepper spray and tear gas, while demonstrators threw stones and petrol bombs while starting fires and overturning rubbish bins. A cameraman for Brazilian channel 'Band' was injured during the protest. According to the Municipal Health Service (Secretaria Municipal de Saúde), he remains in a critical condition in Hospital Municipal Souza Aguiar. Protesters initially gathered in Candelaria Church, a common rallying site, before they marched to the Central do Brasil railway station. Rio's local government plans to increase bus fares to 3 Brazilian reais ($1.26; €0.92) from 2.75 reais ($1.14; €0.84) starting February 8. An attempt last year to raise bus fares triggered mass demonstrations across the nation.

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