Watch what the so called 'Bin Laden of Gypsy' does trying to vandalize a car

Posted by ali 5 years ago in FAIL!
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Surveillance cameras outside a home in Houston last night captured a fire-bombers' failed attempt to "shakedown" a local businessman. According to the homeowner — who claims to know the identity of the fire-bomber, but who would only refer to him as the "Bin Laden of the Gypsy community" — the man seen in the video attempting to immolate the Cadillac has been shaking him down for money. In the video, the man can been seen setting down the lit fire-bomb and smashing the Cadillac with a brick. While attempting to shatter the window, the man accidentally steps on the fire-bomb and lights his pants on fire. The man can be seeing running away, leg aflame, before the flames spread to the car and do considerable damage to it.

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