Insane Heavy Intense Urban Firefight Aleppo Syria

Posted by moku 5 years ago in War
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Syria War - Insane Heavy Intense Urban Firefight Combat Streetfight Action In Aleppo Syria. Syrian Rebells In Heavy Streetfighting Clashes with Assad Forces In western Aleppo. The Fight mainly contains small arms and machine guns supported by mortar fire on enemy strongholds in the area and was filmed from the insurgents point of view. The battle took place between the two districts Aadhamiyye and Salaheddine. One of the main most famous connections of the two districts is the Sallah el deen Street named by the Salaheddine district. The 1.5 km2 (0.6 sq mi) big district gained international attention during the Battle of Aleppo in July 2012 as it became a hotly contested battleground between the Syrian Government and the Free Syrian Army.

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