Irish wedding just got all River Dancey

Posted by moku 5 years ago in Cool videos
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Forget Flatley, there's a new Lord Of The Dance in town... Sure, we've all seen the famous Thriller wedding dance, and everyone and their Granny is familiar with the dancing-up-the-aisle performance, but this Irish dancing routine is undoubtedly the wedding dance to top them all. Wedding reception plus boozing plus top-quality Irish dancing? Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Liverdance... The Ramada Hotel in Belfast was the location for Rob Wilson and Mairead McCargo's wedding and, to surprise the guests at the event's reception, the groom, along with what seems like 1000s of male guests, took to the dance floor to show off their fantastic feet of flames. Fair play to all involved because even the lads who look slightly worse for wear at the beginning come across brilliantly. We can just picture the stag do now; "you've booked us all in for dance lessons for the ENTIRE weekend!? Ah jaaaaysus." Well lads, it was feckin' worth it.

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