Drunk man flips his underwear at cop, gets tasered

Posted by RagnarLothbrok 5 years ago in FAIL!
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CCTV footage shows a police officer taser a naked man during a strip search at Melksham Police station, Wiltshire. PC Lee Birch discharged the taser without warning after Daniel Dove threw his pants at the officer during a strip search. The 23-year-old had been arrested for being drunk and disorderly outside a nightclub that evening. The CCTV shows PC Birch unclipping the 50,000-volt weapon from his holster within seconds of entering the cell and fires at Dove who collapses to the ground and curls up in a ball. PC Birch was then charged with assault and misconduct but found not guilty. He now faces an internal inquiry and investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

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